the difference you can make

you can help a girl battling for her life-and you can get a awesome c-d while your’e at it!here’s how:

Mesorah High School for Girls of Dallas, produced a CD called Never Alone which raised money for a little girl named Bekkie. She was battling leukemia for the second time in her life, and she was only eleven years-old. Mesorah took her in as our little sister, and we always made sure to show her how much we truly cared. Then it happened.

We were informed that Bekkie was in the ICU because her kidneys were failing- things didn’t look very good. We organized Tehillim groups immediately, praying that Hashem would let her live. The doctors told us there really was no hope, and that we should prepare ourselves in case something were to happen. That only made us more determined.
Girls took on different kabalos, such as saying brachos out loud and wearing more tznius clothing. E-mails were blasted out, and girls from London were even davening for her.
She was so frail in her hospital bed when we dropped off food for Shabbosbut she was delighted to see us nonetheless. She wrote down “Thank you, and, “I love you,” because she was too weak to talk. We left crying.
That following Sunday we got the call — her mother asked if we were sitting down. I automatically broke down before I even realized what her mother had said.
 “Bekkie’s in remission. The cancer is gone.”
Tears out of sheer happiness. Laughter from the shock. Hugs from the intense joy.
It was the happiest day I can honestly remember. We have all grown tremendously from that experience, and Bekkie will always be our little sister. With her Bat-Mitzvah approaching this week, we cannot believe how far she’s come.
We didn’t want it to stop there. We wanted to share these amazing experiences and opportunities with people everywhere! And so, Together was born.
Songs were written, music was arranged, studio times scheduled, and phone calls made. After a long and hard process, Together is finally here. It’s an inspirational CD raising money for eight different kids across the United States that are battling cancer and chronic illnesses through Chai Lifeline. Schools from each of the five cities will care for the kids as we did with Bekkie, allowing them to just feel like kids. We’ve taken it to a whole new level this time from its professionalism all the way to its cause, we’re ready to make that difference. We’ve done our part now it’s time for you to do yours!
You can make that change in a girl’s battle. Put that smile on her face. Let her enjoy the day out. Help take the hurt away.
Please visit our website,, to find out how to purchase a CD. 100% of the proceeds will go directly towards these sick children! Be a part in making this a nationwide dream.
Thank you so much.
Dalia Oziel

I found out about this through a e-mail.please,please spread the word can make the difference in this little girl’s life.


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