bleep:stopping the fad drives us mad

swearing in cartoon

Image via Wikipedia of the most annoying,disrespectful way of expressing oneself-

has spread in this generation like wildfire.

those of us who don’t or at least make an effort not to curse,

simply ignore it.

but one girl would not take it lying down.

Today I once again present you with a interview with Talia Weisberg,founder of bleep!

did  anyone\anything inspire you to start bleep?

Definitely! I had a few friends in elementary that cursed a lot, and it really bothered me. When I wanted to get involved in a cause during the summer before I entered high school, I remembered how they would always curse, so I decided to stop them by creating an organization.

did you ever feel like giving up?if so,what encouraged you to continue?

I have felt like giving up, yes. Sometimes all of the negative feedback does get to me, and it can hurt. But I know that there are a lot of people out there that agree with me (almost 800 members and counting, including a lot of sympathizers who aren’t members!), and that encourages me to continue on with my clean-mouthed mission.

what are some ways that people can prevent themselves from cursing?

There are loads of ways. You can try the swear jar approach, where you put money in a jar every time you say a bad word and donate it to tzedaka. On the opposite spectrum, every time you substitute a different word for a curse word, put a popcorn kernel in a jar. When the jar is full, make a popcorn party for yourself! You can also try using alternatives instead of the actual words, like saying “shoot!” or “fudge!” A way that I find useful for myself is pretending that a respected figure in my life (rabbi/rebbetzin, parent, grandparent) is around at all times, since I wouldn’t want him or her to hear me say a bad word. There are really millions of different ways – the ones I listed above are just a few.

what are some of bleeps success stories?

Bleep! has helped numerous people stop cursing. The first person Bleep! helped is actually a member of Bleep! who cursed at me via email. When I explained Bleep!’s philosophy and told her how immature she sounded by cursing and how negatively it reflected on her family, school, and community, she immediately apologized and asked to join Bleep!.

I have many other members who never cursed with me, but have thanked me in their crusade to stop cursing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

is there something else you want to tell the readers?

If you support the Bleep! anti-cursing cause, then you can join Bleep!! Send your name and state/province to, and you will receive the monthly Bleep! e-newsletter. Bleep! membership is for everyone, whether you curse or not.

thanks Talia,you’re the best.

you can make a difference in people’s lives and in your own.

start your journey to helping yourself and others to a happier,cleaner world.

help yourself today,change the  world tomorrow.


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  1. Devorah
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 13:08:48

    I really respect Talia for starting such an awesome organization and helping the world become a cleaner place-our words really impact the world and it’s so nice to see that someone decided to try to spread the awareness!


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