The earthquake…


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Surely you have heard about it too.

it was all over the news.

an earthquake in –Manhattan.

well,it was really only an aftershock,

but for the media attention it got….

I wonder what the people in california think of us now…


in life there are always “earthquakes”,

those things that are sent,

some bigger,

some smaller,

to “shake us up,”


they seem to fit in so naturally,

that we just let them fade in,

slip by,



but then there are those giant ones,

that even the blind can see,

then we wake up,

and ask why did this happen to me?


but if we let those little,

less earth-shattering earthquakes slip by,

then does g-d have any choose but to send ones,

that make us come alive?



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  1. Devorah
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 16:35:32

    What a good message.
    We had our fair share of spiritual earthquakes this summer. Let’s take the message. We don’t need the shakes to get any worse.
    Thank you.


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