Et Tu,brute-3

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Et Tu brute 1

Et Tu brute


This is the third in the Et Tu, brute series.

3.women have a special instinct.

If Julius Caesar had only listened to his wife,he could have prevented his death.

women are naturally given a special “antenna” to sense things that others can’t.

so,if a woman is adamant on something,you should probably listen – It may save your life.


And if you are a woman,remember to trust your instinct. who knows-it may save someone’s life one day.


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  1. Princess Lea
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 08:02:37

    While Caesar was a noble and brilliant statesman, he was instrumental in bringing down the Republic by having power transferred to him alone.

    Frankly, they killed for less in ancient Rome.

    I can safely say my instincts are not as sharp as Calpurnia’s . . .


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