You must be a man

“In a place were there is no men,you are required to be a man- Jewish proverb?”

This is by far,one of my favorite sayings.

why,you ask?


There are so many times in life,

were we look around and say,

“well everyone’s doing it.if just I don’t do it,does it really a diffrence?I am just one little person,anyway”


Can you honestly say you are not guilty of something like that?


I admit it,

I am also %100 guilty of doing this.

It’s easy to give in,

But the Torah says no,

you are not allowed to do that.

when there is no-one else who says anything,

when not a single other soul will defend what’s right,

no matter who you are with,

you are required to be a real man.


Now it may seem silly to do,

but years down the line,

you’ll now-

you did the right thing.


when you do something awesome,

you don’t easily forget it,

that silly thing that seems advertizing now,

that will soon be forgotten.



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