The shofar’s calls

Shofar. Sabbath Horn. Yemenite Jew. Closer up....

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The sounds of the shofar echoes,

throughout the shul.


rousing us,

reminding us that the day of judgment is upon us.

all tremble in awe and fear,

before the king of all kings.


But wait,

it is nearly to late,

Rosh Hashana,

is already upon us!


we had months of constant reminders,

so many voices urging us,

to start to change,

Rosh Hashana isn’t a time to think about what to do,

it’s a time to commit to it.


Rosh Hashnah is almost upon us,

were you will stand to be judged,

It’s not too late,

come to this new year,

with a commitment to start anew,


Hashem is ready for you to start a new year,


the real question is-

are you?


This is the first in the Rosh Hashana series,

which is the first part in the Yomim Norim series.


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