Okay,i seriously can not think of a title.just please,click on this post anyway.

just kidding about the title thing.

I was wondering what would happen.

giving interviews just gets better and better.:)

you guys should really read this interview.

uh,and you should check AM Inspiration ,a terrific blog,when you got the chance.


1.can you please tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a frum girl from the south just moved to NY for PA school I like to workout..read when i can.

2.what inspired you to start your blog?

my blog didnt start out as a blog. it started as a weekly good shabbat email to my seminary friends. I started writing weekly, usually just something that happened that week in school or on the train..and then i would somehow explain how i learned something from it. First the blog was kept under wraps on purpose. I didn’t mean to get involved in the j-blogospere. I would read a blog  here and there but would never comment. But then i decided to go public.

3. when you were younger,did you ever think your life would up this way?

ya, its not too far from what i always imagined. When i was younger i rgiyfgr u was going to med school. PA school isnt that far a cry. Spiritually.. i think id wish id me stronger and more…well just more..than what i have now

4.what values do you live by?

I live by the values of the Torah. I am sephardi and proud of my heritage. I passionate about “aseh lecha rav”  When you have a rav you cannot go wrong. I ask him my questions and follow his advice.

5.have you ever felt like giving up,with your blog or in general?if so,what inspired you to continue?

not really. I am not a quiter, even when im failing a class I wont give up. The blog has always been more for me than anything else. It helps me focus and wha is really important. It helps me keep my values straight and it helps me to keep looking for Hashem in everything.

6.anything else you’d like to tell us?

its cliche but its true. you see what you look for. If you look for kindness and good you will see it. If u look for sadness and evil you will. If you look for Hashem you will find Him.


Rosh Hashana is really,really soon.

Set you goals,be extra nice to somebody today.

your year is soon to be decided.


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