what is success?

I’m sure you have seen them too.
those flashy ads that surround us,
promising us money,
happiness and instant success.
I’m sick of them all,
those that promise,
they will make you a millionaire,
and those that promise they hold the key,
they know the secret to life.
Each one fades with the next,
and it makes me wonder,
what really is success?
It’s not money,
It’s not those cures,
that take 15 minutes,
or even a year,
It’s not some hidden key,
so what can it possibly be?

Success Is waking up each day,
knowing your not in charge,
knowing everything will be okay.

Success is knowing that you will fall,
a thousand times,
that you will fail once more,
but will go on,
with a smile on your face.

Success is being able to enjoy life’s every moment,
knowing each one is precious.

Success is knowing you’re not perfect,
and knowing that you don’t ever want to be.

Success is being proud of who you are,
realizing you’ve made it this far,
It’s in realizing that you are the only you.

Success is never being satisfied,
at where you’re at,
always seeking to grow,
to be the best you,
you can possibly be.

Success is in charting your own course,
braving both the beaten path,
and making your own.
Success in in being who you want to be,
saying what you want to say,
crying and laughing when you need to,
It’s in being you.
Success is in laughter,
Success is in tears,
Success is in smiles,

Success is something,
you have always had,
just waiting to be seen.
Success is something,
so far,
yet so near,

Success is something,
you should always reach for.


I posted this as a guest post over here.


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