What should we be afraid of?

i apologize for not posting recently.

i may just have something cooking

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


This is a very famous quote, displayed on the pages of american history,

as a lifelong message to all.

a symbol of what we,

the american people can be.


But, is it really true?


Is the only thing we have to fear fear?


I think the real thing to fear is not

a world war,

the world’s end,

or even fear itself.


I think the only thing to fear is- ourselves.


Why would we have to fear ourselves?


Well, not really ourselves-

that we would not be true to ourselves,

that we would not act as ourselves.


That we would be what other people want us to be,

rather then becoming the person we are meant to be.


A radical statement?


But, do you disagree?


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