Today is my annual re-kindling week.

since I forget to start on monday,

it will be from today to next Wednesday.


in a little village,
in  a place far away,
a man sits in front of the shtender,
deep in prayer,
a glow on his face,
as his little daughter watches silently,
tears streaming down her soft cheeks.
from the shtender he turns away,
and asks his young daughter,
“why is that you cry?”
are you sad that mommy,
your life she will not stand by your side,
are your sad-mamleh that she will never return?
“no tatty,i do not cry for mommy,
i know she dwells safe,next to the kesai hakovod.
and she will be forever alive my heart.”
tell me please,
my dear child,
why is it that you cry?
“i cry my dear father,
because I’ve seen how your pure words,
reach the gates of the kasai hako,
i know tatta that every time you pray,
your words reach our father in heaven-
and i know-
it will be okay.”

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