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Tiny miracles

though we many not realize it,

everything in our lives is a miracle.

that we can walk,


see and hear- can modern science give a rational explanation?

can it be described as anything but a miracle?

here are some miracles that you never realized,

things we take for granted every day:

  1. you woke up today- 89,000 people didn’t
  2. you lived through yesterday- 146,000 people didn’t make it
  3. if you have a job, you should feel lucky- %8.3 of america doesn’t
  4. if you don’t anyone with cancer- 745,180 men and 692,000 women get it yearly

I really hate to do this to you.

But I need to take another little break.

I will,hopefully be back soon.

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how does one become a rose?

there’s a saying: “a rose among thorns.”


like many other sayings,

Rose und Eis

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this is not really accurate.

A rose isn’t a beautiful creation,

among the thorns,

only with the thorns,

can a rose grow and achieve its full beauty.


What a beautiful analogy for life.


each thorn is not a challenge,


an obstacle,

but rather a stepping stone,

and only through them,

can we become a beautiful rose.

today will be different…

Chaya woke up with a smile on her face,

today was gonna be different,

today she was gonna change,

today was her day.


But throughout the day,

her smile faded away,

today was no different.


Aviva woke up with a smile on her face,

today was going to be different,

today she was going to change.

throughout the day,

she keep the thought in mind,

today will be different.


She want to sleep that night,

with a smile on her face,

that day was different.


Every single day,

you can wake up with a smile on your face,

knowing that the day will be different.

But the only way it will really be,

is if you really try,

with the words in your mind,

today will be different.


It is almost Rosh Hashana,

know is the time,

to start every day,

with the knowledge you are going to change,

and at the end of the day,


that you really did change.


5 questions to ask yourself daily

the yomim norahim Yamim Noraim approaching,and it is time for us all to “wake up and smell the coffee.”

there’s a wonderful and almost entirely true saying:

you can’t change the world,but you can change yourself.

g-d gave you unique talents.

he gave you a one-of-a-kind character,

and it’s up to you to improve it to your fullest.

here are 5 questions to ask yourself at the end of each day,to help you improve your character:

  • Where am I headed?
  • Who did I touch today?
  • How did I improve myself today?
  • Am a better person then I was a week ago?
  • What is the greatest thing I did today?

challenge:keep a journal.write down the questions and your answers every day.

look at it at the end of each week and see how you have changed that week,month and year.

never too late

I got the idea for this here.


no matter what happens,

no matter what waters flow under our bridges,

even if we are an inch from death,

even if we have sunk,

to the deepest depths,

even when all others have give up on us,

it is never too late.

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