What should we be afraid of?

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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


This is a very famous quote, displayed on the pages of american history,

as a lifelong message to all.

a symbol of what we,

the american people can be.


But, is it really true?


Is the only thing we have to fear fear?


I think the real thing to fear is not

a world war,

the world’s end,

or even fear itself.


I think the only thing to fear is- ourselves.


Why would we have to fear ourselves?


Well, not really ourselves-

that we would not be true to ourselves,

that we would not act as ourselves.


That we would be what other people want us to be,

rather then becoming the person we are meant to be.


A radical statement?


But, do you disagree?


License plates

recently, I was on a bus when I suddenly started noticing –

English: New "gold" New York State v...

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the license plates!


have you ever looked carefully at a license plate?

if you have, you’ll realize that each plate has a unquie set of numbers and letters.

if you look further,

you’ll even find out some stuff about the person whose car it is.


you’ll find out where he lives,

is he’s traveling here or if he lives here.


there are even unique letters formed to create a message.


look closer.

If the plate is old,

then you know the person is probably older,

English: Sonora_mexico_license_plate

and has had this car for a while

they are probably also a more experienced driver.


let’s think a little deeper.

each license plate is different,

each one with a flavor and a message all its own –

who has the time and patience to do that?


don’t they ever just get tired of this boring, thankless job?

would anybody really care if they are all the same?


but, no,

day in,

day out,

more and more license plates appear.


like this,

robbers are tracked and found,

cases are solved,

people can recognize which car is theirs,

and we learn a powerful lesson.


what can we possibly learn from a license plate?


Take a look at the people around you.


Each person looks different,

each person has amazing stories to tell you,

each person has a story all their own –

secrets, dreams, friendships, etc.


Who has the patience to sit down and decide,

day in,

day out,

that this person should live here,

this person should look like this,

this person should get this?


who has the patience to concern themselves with trivial,

everyday matters of over 7 billion people?


I’ll tell you who.


G-d does.


He never takes a break,

He creates people anew every day,

each person with their own purpose.


He decides these things- and more

every single day.


Rosh chodosh is coming very soon,

make this month meaningful-

know, you have a reason.

Vehicle registration plates of Aruba

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Tiny miracles

though we many not realize it,

everything in our lives is a miracle.

that we can walk,


see and hear- can modern science give a rational explanation?

can it be described as anything but a miracle?

here are some miracles that you never realized,

things we take for granted every day:

  1. you woke up today- 89,000 people didn’t
  2. you lived through yesterday- 146,000 people didn’t make it
  3. if you have a job, you should feel lucky- %8.3 of america doesn’t
  4. if you don’t anyone with cancer- 745,180 men and 692,000 women get it yearly


though many recognize the phoenix through mythology,

or by the likes of books such as harry potter,

the Torah actually talks about a bird that lives a thousand years,

then shrinks,


and is re-born through its ashes.


life is much the same.


humans are like phoenixes.

if we live properly,

we can live,

then” burn”-hit a dead end, a end stop,

then re-build from our own ashes.

change your life!

At all times and under all circumstances,
we have the power to transform the quality of our lives.
– Werner Erhard


who can change you?

a friend can help change you,

a mentor,

a speech,

can help guide the way,

g-d carves and shows you the path,

but you are the only person who can change yourself.


and every single day you have the chance to change yourself.


every day,

you can wake up with the words,

today will be different,

and if you really believe it,

it can be.

where is the love

a re-post from teen inspiration.

Where is the Love?

It’s a small world we live in,

A small state we sit in

But we stay strong-

sometimes too strong,

leading turning in to turning wrong.

Drama attracted up by news,

Who cares who’s projecting whose views,

Leading a world tortured to drama,

Addicted by the glamour of mobbing trauma

Overseas, across the seas, in the borders of this country

We raise high fists against terrorists; we claim to be fighting a war.

But the fight won’t nullify the battles we’ve got inside

This small, strong nation’s factioned corps.

Each remaining with the mindspace to understand only to their tastes

And to have love for one type of race, leaving room to discriminate,


Gaps of comprehending other frameworks and lacks of fathoming the way others work

Only can lead to distaste, misunderstanding… and then hate.

Because you only know your own kind,

Stay with your own kind, break bread with your own kind,

Understand the values and lifestyles of one kind.

But drop the d, then it’s “kin,” and you’ve added family- but each is different.))

Then, with love only for your own, there becomes the space to disown,

Blurring the family tree lines in favor of redefined the nationality.

It’s killing people, causing crying
Women pained, their dignity dying
Could you practice the tolerance you preach
And let her sit in the back if she so please
It’s got me questioning our commitments
To the principles that we teach
Did we forget to live governed by love
Or by belief that Someone’s above

walking your path

English: Coast path near Hallsands

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There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
– the character Morpheus in the movie The Matrix


many of us know the paths on which we are meant to walk,

many of us even know how,

many of us know the areas where we are meant to grow.


But how many of us are actually doing that?

how many of us actually make baby steps on our path every single day?

how many of us actually keep the goal in mind,

and constantly walk towards it?


how many of us are not just knowing the path, but are actually walking it?


if you can say that you truly are,

then you are an amazing person.

and if you can’t,

then you’re just a step away,

from being an even better person,

today start to,

follow your path,

you’ll never regret it.


my challenge to you is to take one baby step on your path.

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