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Today is valentine’s day.

I think today is the perfect time to talk about love.

What is love?

“a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person –

but this is,

I think,

a inept description.


So what is love?


Love is being with a person no matter what comes your or their way.

Love is providing smiles when you want to cry.

Love is being a shoulder to cry on.

Love is about receiving and getting.


Love defies description,

it defies words.

It is a word that one must learn the meaning for them themselves.


Happy valentines day,

and may you have a day of meaning and inspiration.


What do you have to say about love?


busy lives

wow.It’s been 2 months. not a single post.


it’s amazing,really how life goes by.

we get so involved in regular life,

that we don’t realize how fast the time flows.


I remember once that I saw a quote that struck me deeply:

Life  is easy to get lost in,

to get so involved that we never stop and smell the roses.

but if we did stop to smell the roses,

we’d realize that life,

has no fulfillment,

all the emptiness is but bareness,

all the work is for nothing,

if we don’t take some time,

to stop and smell the roses,

to wonder what we are doing all this work for.

the power of man

The snake slithers,

on the tree-top,

waiting for its prey,

it finds it quickly,

and pounces on the helpless,

little mouse.

it eats it quickly,

but feels no rush of joy,

the tender and delicious meat,

tastes no different then all the other food it eats.

for you see,

to the snake,

all food tastes,

like the earth.


I know this d’var Torah,

is a little late,

but there is awesome message,

so I’ll say it anyway.

the snake forced Chava,<eve>

to eat something forbidden.


It is written,

in our holy Torah,

that someone who causes another to sin,

is worse than the sinner.

so the snake should have gotten the worst punishment,

but he only got no hands and legs,

and that all food tastes like dust,

while man was taken out of the heavens,

and forced to labor.


if you think about it,

having everything taste like dust,

is actually a blessing.

a snake can eat everything.

he never has to ask hashem for food,

because everything tastes the same to him.


Man however,

is utterly dependent for food,

no matter how much we tend to forget it.


But that is really the snake’s punishment.

Hashem was really telling him,

I don’t want your prayers,

I don’t care,

you do whatever you want.


take a moment to consider the vast gap between the snake and man.

there was no rain in this world till man got up,

and prayed for it.


rain means life or death for this world,

and just imagine,

that power is in our hands.

what is success-part 2

on my guest post,what is success someone made a comment with a very valid point.

I will attempt to answer it by breaking it into parts and answering them one at a time,but it will  have one overall message.

“Despite this whole ’empowering poem‘, which states very obvious things, btw, the advertisements usually win out. That is how the world works. They tell you that you are missing something and that you need it- and then you want it.”

yes,my poem does state very obvious things.sometimes we have to hear the same things,the things that we all think we know already,in order to really understand them and apply them in real life.

It’s true,the advertisements usually do win us over at the end.we live in an age of very low self-esteem,and people do tend to grab at any chance to get everything,but we also live in a very fast- paced one,so we also want it quickly.

so,we buy them and we listen to them.

but,it’s all really a matter of choice-we can choice to listen to them-

or,we can choice to listen to our inner self,which tells us the full,real truth.

“People buy self-help books to try to counteract the way these advertisements and perfect models make them feel. But self help books don’t work.”

when I read my first self-help book,I made a decision-this is really going to change me.

so,I would read each chapter,or even a part,and then I would ask myself:

  1. how does this apply to you?
  2. how can it help change you?
  3. what can it teach you about yourself\life.

and it took me over a month to read it,

but it really,fully changed me.

and,if we all use them like that,then they can can truly help you change.

“So they write poems that say the obvious things that everyone thinks but very few actually do anything about.”

I think I already answered both of those questions.

“Success is all well and good. This poem is all well and good. But how much of it is actually true and practical, and how much is just a way to try to convince ourselves?”

In my view,”practical” is just a myth.

is it practical that a nation should listen to one guy who said the world is going to end?

is it practical that one man split the sea?

practical is just a myth,a result of our thoughts.

what we make practical,

what we really believe in,

becomes our reality.


thank you,

Altie  for your comment.

it has helped me to think,

and also to add a new dimension to words from the soul:

instead of just writing inspirational,

I will now try to also implant practical ways to achieve these things in real life.


I love your comment and also your questions.


if you have a question,

please submit on the form to the side.

I loved questions on everything.


what is success?

I’m sure you have seen them too.
those flashy ads that surround us,
promising us money,
happiness and instant success.
I’m sick of them all,
those that promise,
they will make you a millionaire,
and those that promise they hold the key,
they know the secret to life.
Each one fades with the next,
and it makes me wonder,
what really is success?
It’s not money,
It’s not those cures,
that take 15 minutes,
or even a year,
It’s not some hidden key,
so what can it possibly be?

Success Is waking up each day,
knowing your not in charge,
knowing everything will be okay.

Success is knowing that you will fall,
a thousand times,
that you will fail once more,
but will go on,
with a smile on your face.

Success is being able to enjoy life’s every moment,
knowing each one is precious.

Success is knowing you’re not perfect,
and knowing that you don’t ever want to be.

Success is being proud of who you are,
realizing you’ve made it this far,
It’s in realizing that you are the only you.

Success is never being satisfied,
at where you’re at,
always seeking to grow,
to be the best you,
you can possibly be.

Success is in charting your own course,
braving both the beaten path,
and making your own.
Success in in being who you want to be,
saying what you want to say,
crying and laughing when you need to,
It’s in being you.
Success is in laughter,
Success is in tears,
Success is in smiles,

Success is something,
you have always had,
just waiting to be seen.
Success is something,
so far,
yet so near,

Success is something,
you should always reach for.


I posted this as a guest post over here.

disconnect to reconnect

an easy and meaningful fast to you all.

may your year be one of blessings and hope,

laughter and sunshine.

Today is a day to “disconnect to reconnect,”

try to shut off the computer,

and all electric devices for just a hour today,

and spend that time,

on something,

that really counts.

Et Tu,Brute 5

Sunset Over Mobile Bay

Image by Wildlight Images via Flickr

5.Power can blind people easily

Say what you will about ancient Rome,or Caesar,

but at the end of the day,

It all boils down to the same old story:

someone gone power-hungry,

and thought they were invincible.

they didn’t listen to anyone else,

and in the end,

it cost them dearly.

There are rumors that Brute,

was Caesar’s nephew.

and his best friend.

so at the end,

it’s g-d,

true friendship,

and humility,

to name just three basic ones,

that really count.

power and money,

are hardly ever man’s friend.

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