Do we remember?

how long has it been?

not that many years, if you think about it.

if you think about it, that is.

no, we have not forgotten.

articles run almost monthly about it.




and so we all remember.



we remember the war.

we remember the deaths.

we remember the great minds lost,

the great human losess.

so, yes we remember.

but do we really?

do we remember the everlasting message we learn from it?

and what is that message?

a great song and video on the message just below.

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please tell me your thoughts on this





Look up at the sky…

a universe of wonders are up high…

blue and white contrast…

to make a magnificent effect.

From here will come the rain for crops to grow,

brilliant white snow for us all,

and somewhere up there,

lies the kesai hakovod.

walk down a street…

a world of wonders will unfold,

mysterious untold,

English: Street in Bucharest after the rain

people live their lives here,

each with a different story,

each street has housed dozens of people’s history.

hundreds of people,

each with a life their own,

have walked down this same road.

Look up at a tree.

A full-sized tree.

green and brown,

it takes the rain in,

and will bring it out,

when comes the time for it to sprout.

it has seen perhaps over a hundred years of history.Tasmania, Styx valley. This Eucalyptus regnans...

the fashions come and go,

people stay and people leave,

leaving their generations in their steed.

it watches how the world changes,

how some things stay the same.

you ask what is to thank for,

and I have listed but three,

“common” things we see every day,

which have so much beauty,

if only we would stop and see.

my challenge to you:

stop and notice a regular object.

what do you see?


Today you can…


begin to grow in some direction…

do a good deed…

give a little something to someone else…

read something for your soul…

smile at someone…

stop and realize how marvelous the world is…

hold yourself back from doing or saying something you shouldn’t…

realize how positively awesome you are…

start to believe in yourself…

begin a diary…

say a prayer with more concentration then usual…

say a prayer for someone else…

think about eretz yisreal…

call a friend…

share a moment with a relative…

give in…

say hello to a random stranger…

do a little something for a friend…

buy a special fruit today is tu- Shevat,

look at a flower,

make a few brachos out loud,

do something for the sake of reb elyishav- all you probably know, he is in critical condition.  By the way, if you are a gentile, you can do this too- you have no idea how much he cares about every single human being.

make 100 brochos…


and the list goes on…


what do you mean you have nothing to do?

Today, you can start to change the world.

what are you waiting for?

today can be different

it’s up to you.

walking your path

English: Coast path near Hallsands

Image via Wikipedia

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
– the character Morpheus in the movie The Matrix


many of us know the paths on which we are meant to walk,

many of us even know how,

many of us know the areas where we are meant to grow.


But how many of us are actually doing that?

how many of us actually make baby steps on our path every single day?

how many of us actually keep the goal in mind,

and constantly walk towards it?


how many of us are not just knowing the path, but are actually walking it?


if you can say that you truly are,

then you are an amazing person.

and if you can’t,

then you’re just a step away,

from being an even better person,

today start to,

follow your path,

you’ll never regret it.


my challenge to you is to take one baby step on your path.

10 ways to make this year more meaningful

I got the idea from here


Unfortunately,I am not one for long lists, so here is just 10.


  1. make an appreciation journal. write down one thing you are thankful for every day.
  2. set aside 15 minutes a month for retro-respect
  3. ask yourself these questions every week
  4. look back at your worst moments in 2011. think about how if you might have done something differently, it might have gone completely different.
  5. look back at your best moments from 2011. how might you re- create them?
  6. think back to how you were last year. how have you grown since then?
  7. in what areas do you hope to grow? how will you do that?
  8. put down, right now, 5 ways you want to change this year and 1 way you are going to do each.
  9. were do you want to be in 5 years?how are going to start getting there now?
  10. were do you want to be in 10 years? how are going to start getting there now?

disconnect to reconnect

an easy and meaningful fast to you all.

may your year be one of blessings and hope,

laughter and sunshine.

Today is a day to “disconnect to reconnect,”

try to shut off the computer,

and all electric devices for just a hour today,

and spend that time,

on something,

that really counts.

forgiveness and repentance

you’ll have noticed that I did not post for a while.

I am sorry for the unexplained break.


today is the second day of aseres yemi teshavoh.

chazel say that this Tuesday is your chance to make up for all the Tuesdays the whole last year.

if say,

on Tuesday you usually don’t really  have time for an intense daving,

this Tuesday you should set aside time for an especially powerful one.


In just a few days,

your decree will be sealed.


what you do during these days can change a death-or life sentence.


these are also days to forgive,

to get forgiven.


Forgiveness is not always easy.
At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered,
to forgive the one that inflicted it.
And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.
– Marianne Williamson


to forgive,

even when you do not have to,

can bring awesome results,

upon yourself.


so which would you rather-to forgive or to be nearly guaranteed a bad verdict?


your choices-your verdict.

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