Do we remember?

how long has it been?

not that many years, if you think about it.

if you think about it, that is.

no, we have not forgotten.

articles run almost monthly about it.




and so we all remember.



we remember the war.

we remember the deaths.

we remember the great minds lost,

the great human losess.

so, yes we remember.

but do we really?

do we remember the everlasting message we learn from it?

and what is that message?

a great song and video on the message just below.

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please tell me your thoughts on this


where is the love

a re-post from teen inspiration.

Where is the Love?

It’s a small world we live in,

A small state we sit in

But we stay strong-

sometimes too strong,

leading turning in to turning wrong.

Drama attracted up by news,

Who cares who’s projecting whose views,

Leading a world tortured to drama,

Addicted by the glamour of mobbing trauma

Overseas, across the seas, in the borders of this country

We raise high fists against terrorists; we claim to be fighting a war.

But the fight won’t nullify the battles we’ve got inside

This small, strong nation’s factioned corps.

Each remaining with the mindspace to understand only to their tastes

And to have love for one type of race, leaving room to discriminate,


Gaps of comprehending other frameworks and lacks of fathoming the way others work

Only can lead to distaste, misunderstanding… and then hate.

Because you only know your own kind,

Stay with your own kind, break bread with your own kind,

Understand the values and lifestyles of one kind.

But drop the d, then it’s “kin,” and you’ve added family- but each is different.))

Then, with love only for your own, there becomes the space to disown,

Blurring the family tree lines in favor of redefined the nationality.

It’s killing people, causing crying
Women pained, their dignity dying
Could you practice the tolerance you preach
And let her sit in the back if she so please
It’s got me questioning our commitments
To the principles that we teach
Did we forget to live governed by love
Or by belief that Someone’s above

4pillars of prayer


people are always talking about,

how important it is to pray.

this is very true,


how does one know if they prayed well?

what are the key elements of prayer?

these are,

in my view,

the four pillars of personal prayer:<as in prayer,just to hashem ,not from a sidduir>

  1. consistently-believe it or not,prayer from the heart on a daily basis only improves the power of your prayer.why?because you have a much deeper bond with g-d.
  2. concentration-if you can put away all other thoughts,and just concentrate on the prayer,or better yet,turn every thought into a prayer-you will be able to pray much better-and have gained a vital life skill.
  3. heartfelt-this requires no explanation.
  4. change-a good prayer will change should come out of the prayer feeling fresh,with a newfound knowledge or a committment to change for the better.


which other ones can you think of?

the power of man

The snake slithers,

on the tree-top,

waiting for its prey,

it finds it quickly,

and pounces on the helpless,

little mouse.

it eats it quickly,

but feels no rush of joy,

the tender and delicious meat,

tastes no different then all the other food it eats.

for you see,

to the snake,

all food tastes,

like the earth.


I know this d’var Torah,

is a little late,

but there is awesome message,

so I’ll say it anyway.

the snake forced Chava,<eve>

to eat something forbidden.


It is written,

in our holy Torah,

that someone who causes another to sin,

is worse than the sinner.

so the snake should have gotten the worst punishment,

but he only got no hands and legs,

and that all food tastes like dust,

while man was taken out of the heavens,

and forced to labor.


if you think about it,

having everything taste like dust,

is actually a blessing.

a snake can eat everything.

he never has to ask hashem for food,

because everything tastes the same to him.


Man however,

is utterly dependent for food,

no matter how much we tend to forget it.


But that is really the snake’s punishment.

Hashem was really telling him,

I don’t want your prayers,

I don’t care,

you do whatever you want.


take a moment to consider the vast gap between the snake and man.

there was no rain in this world till man got up,

and prayed for it.


rain means life or death for this world,

and just imagine,

that power is in our hands.

Rosh Hashanah

blowing the shofar (by Alphonse Lévy)

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Today is the day just before Rosh Hashanah.

There are so many things I could say.

there are so many things that should be said,

others that have to be said.


But really,

in the end,

what I do say doesn’t make a difference,

it’s what you take from it,

that truly counts.


yup,I will post another of these things,

that have been said countless times before,

because they so need to be said.



at the end of the day,

it is you who determines your destiny,

at the end of the day,

only you make the choice,

of what your year will be like.



is the day that Hashem will write our decrees,

who will live,

and who will die,

who will have a painful year,

and who will have a sweet one,

who will get married,

and who will get sick,

who will fall to their yetzer hara,

and who will stand strong,



I could go on forever.

everything is decided is the next 2 days.


so,i have a question for you:

what are you going to do about it?

what are you going to do to ensure that you have a good year?

how are you going to ensure that you will be given life?

The shofar’s calls

Shofar. Sabbath Horn. Yemenite Jew. Closer up....

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The sounds of the shofar echoes,

throughout the shul.


rousing us,

reminding us that the day of judgment is upon us.

all tremble in awe and fear,

before the king of all kings.


But wait,

it is nearly to late,

Rosh Hashana,

is already upon us!


we had months of constant reminders,

so many voices urging us,

to start to change,

Rosh Hashana isn’t a time to think about what to do,

it’s a time to commit to it.


Rosh Hashnah is almost upon us,

were you will stand to be judged,

It’s not too late,

come to this new year,

with a commitment to start anew,


Hashem is ready for you to start a new year,


the real question is-

are you?


This is the first in the Rosh Hashana series,

which is the first part in the Yomim Norim series.