Do we remember?

how long has it been?

not that many years, if you think about it.

if you think about it, that is.

no, we have not forgotten.

articles run almost monthly about it.




and so we all remember.



we remember the war.

we remember the deaths.

we remember the great minds lost,

the great human losess.

so, yes we remember.

but do we really?

do we remember the everlasting message we learn from it?

and what is that message?

a great song and video on the message just below.

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please tell me your thoughts on this



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Today is valentine’s day.

I think today is the perfect time to talk about love.

What is love?

“a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person –

but this is,

I think,

a inept description.


So what is love?


Love is being with a person no matter what comes your or their way.

Love is providing smiles when you want to cry.

Love is being a shoulder to cry on.

Love is about receiving and getting.


Love defies description,

it defies words.

It is a word that one must learn the meaning for them themselves.


Happy valentines day,

and may you have a day of meaning and inspiration.


What do you have to say about love?

Your Effect

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Long- lost thoughts drift in the mist of time…

dreams come and go…

Words are said and constantly forgotten…

People walk in and out of our lives all the time…

Deeds are done and forgotten…

Everything comes and go as if they never occurred.


Alas, is time but an illusion,

buried time for naught,

Dreams long forgotten worth nothing at all?

We spend so much time on things that turn out to be nothing at all,

petty and soon forgotten.


Are they all for nothing?


In a place far away,

and what goes on there no one can truly say,

the master scribe sits,

recording every deed,

every word.


each prayer is used to bring relief,

or sealed for the future.


Each tear used to heal the sick,

spark a dream,

another brick on the heavenly kingdom.


Each deed is forever imprinted,

on the world it will forever have an impact,

a brick added,

or subtracted,

each one does something in a not not so small way.


So make sure each word is truly what you mean to say,

each smile to brighten another’s day,

each deed carefully measured,

because it will make an impact on the world,

if not today,

then sometime far away,

and each thing,

will come back to you one day.

walking your path

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There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
– the character Morpheus in the movie The Matrix


many of us know the paths on which we are meant to walk,

many of us even know how,

many of us know the areas where we are meant to grow.


But how many of us are actually doing that?

how many of us actually make baby steps on our path every single day?

how many of us actually keep the goal in mind,

and constantly walk towards it?


how many of us are not just knowing the path, but are actually walking it?


if you can say that you truly are,

then you are an amazing person.

and if you can’t,

then you’re just a step away,

from being an even better person,

today start to,

follow your path,

you’ll never regret it.


my challenge to you is to take one baby step on your path.

the power of man

The snake slithers,

on the tree-top,

waiting for its prey,

it finds it quickly,

and pounces on the helpless,

little mouse.

it eats it quickly,

but feels no rush of joy,

the tender and delicious meat,

tastes no different then all the other food it eats.

for you see,

to the snake,

all food tastes,

like the earth.


I know this d’var Torah,

is a little late,

but there is awesome message,

so I’ll say it anyway.

the snake forced Chava,<eve>

to eat something forbidden.


It is written,

in our holy Torah,

that someone who causes another to sin,

is worse than the sinner.

so the snake should have gotten the worst punishment,

but he only got no hands and legs,

and that all food tastes like dust,

while man was taken out of the heavens,

and forced to labor.


if you think about it,

having everything taste like dust,

is actually a blessing.

a snake can eat everything.

he never has to ask hashem for food,

because everything tastes the same to him.


Man however,

is utterly dependent for food,

no matter how much we tend to forget it.


But that is really the snake’s punishment.

Hashem was really telling him,

I don’t want your prayers,

I don’t care,

you do whatever you want.


take a moment to consider the vast gap between the snake and man.

there was no rain in this world till man got up,

and prayed for it.


rain means life or death for this world,

and just imagine,

that power is in our hands.

what is success-part 2

on my guest post,what is success someone made a comment with a very valid point.

I will attempt to answer it by breaking it into parts and answering them one at a time,but it will  have one overall message.

“Despite this whole ’empowering poem‘, which states very obvious things, btw, the advertisements usually win out. That is how the world works. They tell you that you are missing something and that you need it- and then you want it.”

yes,my poem does state very obvious things.sometimes we have to hear the same things,the things that we all think we know already,in order to really understand them and apply them in real life.

It’s true,the advertisements usually do win us over at the end.we live in an age of very low self-esteem,and people do tend to grab at any chance to get everything,but we also live in a very fast- paced one,so we also want it quickly.

so,we buy them and we listen to them.

but,it’s all really a matter of choice-we can choice to listen to them-

or,we can choice to listen to our inner self,which tells us the full,real truth.

“People buy self-help books to try to counteract the way these advertisements and perfect models make them feel. But self help books don’t work.”

when I read my first self-help book,I made a decision-this is really going to change me.

so,I would read each chapter,or even a part,and then I would ask myself:

  1. how does this apply to you?
  2. how can it help change you?
  3. what can it teach you about yourself\life.

and it took me over a month to read it,

but it really,fully changed me.

and,if we all use them like that,then they can can truly help you change.

“So they write poems that say the obvious things that everyone thinks but very few actually do anything about.”

I think I already answered both of those questions.

“Success is all well and good. This poem is all well and good. But how much of it is actually true and practical, and how much is just a way to try to convince ourselves?”

In my view,”practical” is just a myth.

is it practical that a nation should listen to one guy who said the world is going to end?

is it practical that one man split the sea?

practical is just a myth,a result of our thoughts.

what we make practical,

what we really believe in,

becomes our reality.


thank you,

Altie  for your comment.

it has helped me to think,

and also to add a new dimension to words from the soul:

instead of just writing inspirational,

I will now try to also implant practical ways to achieve these things in real life.


I love your comment and also your questions.


if you have a question,

please submit on the form to the side.

I loved questions on everything.


Okay,i seriously can not think of a title.just please,click on this post anyway.

just kidding about the title thing.

I was wondering what would happen.

giving interviews just gets better and better.:)

you guys should really read this interview.

uh,and you should check AM Inspiration ,a terrific blog,when you got the chance.


1.can you please tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a frum girl from the south just moved to NY for PA school I like to when i can.

2.what inspired you to start your blog?

my blog didnt start out as a blog. it started as a weekly good shabbat email to my seminary friends. I started writing weekly, usually just something that happened that week in school or on the train..and then i would somehow explain how i learned something from it. First the blog was kept under wraps on purpose. I didn’t mean to get involved in the j-blogospere. I would read a blog  here and there but would never comment. But then i decided to go public.

3. when you were younger,did you ever think your life would up this way?

ya, its not too far from what i always imagined. When i was younger i rgiyfgr u was going to med school. PA school isnt that far a cry. Spiritually.. i think id wish id me stronger and more…well just more..than what i have now

4.what values do you live by?

I live by the values of the Torah. I am sephardi and proud of my heritage. I passionate about “aseh lecha rav”  When you have a rav you cannot go wrong. I ask him my questions and follow his advice.

5.have you ever felt like giving up,with your blog or in general?if so,what inspired you to continue?

not really. I am not a quiter, even when im failing a class I wont give up. The blog has always been more for me than anything else. It helps me focus and wha is really important. It helps me keep my values straight and it helps me to keep looking for Hashem in everything.

6.anything else you’d like to tell us?

its cliche but its true. you see what you look for. If you look for kindness and good you will see it. If u look for sadness and evil you will. If you look for Hashem you will find Him.


Rosh Hashana is really,really soon.

Set you goals,be extra nice to somebody today.

your year is soon to be decided.

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