Look up at the sky…

a universe of wonders are up high…

blue and white contrast…

to make a magnificent effect.

From here will come the rain for crops to grow,

brilliant white snow for us all,

and somewhere up there,

lies the kesai hakovod.

walk down a street…

a world of wonders will unfold,

mysterious untold,

English: Street in Bucharest after the rain

people live their lives here,

each with a different story,

each street has housed dozens of people’s history.

hundreds of people,

each with a life their own,

have walked down this same road.

Look up at a tree.

A full-sized tree.

green and brown,

it takes the rain in,

and will bring it out,

when comes the time for it to sprout.

it has seen perhaps over a hundred years of history.Tasmania, Styx valley. This Eucalyptus regnans...

the fashions come and go,

people stay and people leave,

leaving their generations in their steed.

it watches how the world changes,

how some things stay the same.

you ask what is to thank for,

and I have listed but three,

“common” things we see every day,

which have so much beauty,

if only we would stop and see.

my challenge to you:

stop and notice a regular object.

what do you see?


change your life!

At all times and under all circumstances,
we have the power to transform the quality of our lives.
– Werner Erhard


who can change you?

a friend can help change you,

a mentor,

a speech,

can help guide the way,

g-d carves and shows you the path,

but you are the only person who can change yourself.


and every single day you have the chance to change yourself.


every day,

you can wake up with the words,

today will be different,

and if you really believe it,

it can be.

August reflections

Looking back at August,I have to admit that I hardly kept to my blogging schedule.

But I like that schedule,and it will remain the same for now.

However,I will hopefully create a least one of these:

  • Five question Friday-thanks for the idea,my little life
  • Etu,brute post-  yeah!maybe i can keep this up!
  • list of things I’m thankful for
  • A post about friendship
  • from-poll results

How NOT to start a conversation and more

I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)

Image via Wikipedia

  • did you know that I picked my nose 5 times today?
  • there’s a bug on you!
  • I love barney
  • I hate the color yellow
  • I can list all the capitals in the world
  • I watch sesame street
  • my favorite song is I am a gummy bear
  • my son is a terrorist.
  • why did the chicken cross the road?<answer:to get to the other slide,not a mistake>

can you think of some others?

The real post

we are the makers of our own lives,

we decide our own destinies,

we are the ones who decide how the world sees us,

we are the ones,

who decide whether to reach our full potential.

in the world to come,

only we decide what our reward will be.

10 almost impossible challenges

this list is only meant to be taken half seriously.

  1. write a month’s worth of posts in 3 days have never tried that>
  2. write 5 pages that make sense,all spelled correctly,with proper grammar,without any helping books or systems  in 20 minutes.
  3. write a full book <200 pages or more>, that make sense,with getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night and  writing a maximum of 5 hours a day in a month.
  4. make 1,000 lists in a year <with 10 objects or more>and publish them all on the web
  5. use 20 pens in a week
  6. make 20 conversations <10 minutes or more>in 2 weeks,with perfect strangers.
  7. walk 5 miles a day <without breaks> for a month
  8. read 20 books in a week
  9. fully read and comment on every single post on this blog and my last <that’s over 200 posts>in a  month.
  10. get 1 million views on your blog in 5 years

9 is by far the best one 😉


boy,have I done a lot for this blog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                today.

made another post <or two?>for this blog and wrote one my other blog.

I also am working for another interview and trying for two guest posts.

I have also gotten a new subscriber and plans for tomorrow.

not to mention stuff that are not blog related,

such as my starting a new book

and going on a trip. <of sorts>

so,I should probably be deflated,

like a huge ball of energy that has burst.

but no,I’m posting and it looks like it will be a nice-sized post.


High-energy ball milling.

Image via Wikipediabecause instead of a huge ball of deflated energy,

I am one huge ball of energy.

I must be one of those people who thrive on work.

well,hope you guys get some good posts at the end.

but before in end this post,those among you who have read this blog a relatively long time must be wondering:

since when does nechama post like this?

well,i like to show those of you who don’t now me that well the more human side to me.

which is why i like posting my thoughts more then just inspirational stuff.

be expecting a few new faces around here.