Look up at the sky…

a universe of wonders are up high…

blue and white contrast…

to make a magnificent effect.

From here will come the rain for crops to grow,

brilliant white snow for us all,

and somewhere up there,

lies the kesai hakovod.

walk down a street…

a world of wonders will unfold,

mysterious untold,

English: Street in Bucharest after the rain

people live their lives here,

each with a different story,

each street has housed dozens of people’s history.

hundreds of people,

each with a life their own,

have walked down this same road.

Look up at a tree.

A full-sized tree.

green and brown,

it takes the rain in,

and will bring it out,

when comes the time for it to sprout.

it has seen perhaps over a hundred years of history.Tasmania, Styx valley. This Eucalyptus regnans...

the fashions come and go,

people stay and people leave,

leaving their generations in their steed.

it watches how the world changes,

how some things stay the same.

you ask what is to thank for,

and I have listed but three,

“common” things we see every day,

which have so much beauty,

if only we would stop and see.

my challenge to you:

stop and notice a regular object.

what do you see?


I am thankful for…

these are just 20 of the things I am extremely thankful for:

  1. that the sun comes up every morning
  2. sleep
  3. life
  4. pencils
  5. stamps
  6. hair brushes
  7. phones
  8. friendship
  9. family
  10. democracy
  11. food
  12. trees
  13. animals
  14. water cooler
  15. people
  16. national parks
  17. flowers
  18. bees
  19. mosquitoes – can you guess why I am thankful for them?
  20. that I was born as myself


what are you thankful for?

The everyday gifts


It is amazing how many wonderful things we are given on a daily basis.

here is a list of just 13 of them:

  1. sharpeners
  2. tape
  3. labels
  4. staples
  5. ink
  6. printers
  7. phones
  8. gas
  9. paper clips
  10. power point
  11. slide shows


for those of you who are wondering,I am not making a project,not lost in the middle of nowhere, or anything else you may think of besides in the kitchen,by the computer.


what can you think of?

The gifts of life…

I look around me,time and again,

and I am constantly amazed my how many awesome things we have,

most of which we hardly even notice,

is awesome blessing.

this is a list of just 15 of them:

  1. smoke from fire-although most of us despise it,it is the first warning that a fire is coming,and it had saved countless lives.
  2. cars
  3. trucks
  4. cows-who give us so many different foods
  5. staples
  6. water
  7. living in the 21st century-were we have so much luxuries that our grandparents could only dream of.
  8. jail-so we don’t have murderers and robbers running around the street
  9. cotton-from which we get numerous clothing from
  10. shoes
  11. dentists
  12. calenders
  13. notebooks
  14. schools
  15. phones

what can you think of?

daily awesomeness…

today,I look around me and see so many things.

and I think about how privileged I am.

these are just 15 awesome things,

that I am privileged to have,

and you are to:

  1. pencils
  2. chairs
  3. cups
  4. water
  5. paper towels
  6. a garbage bin
  7. markers
  8. phone
  9. paper clips
  10. a reason to live
  11. deodorant
  12. a Torah life
  13. pajamas
  14. friends
  15. a loving family

life’s little wonders

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life-a journey,a road,a book,a page-whatever you want to call it,is one of the greatest miracles.

“there are miracles that we all openly acknowledge,bits of life we  all recognize as a wonder.”

there are miracles that we all openly acknowledge,bits of life we al recognize as a wonder.

“but what of those  little,seemingly insignificant things….”

but what of those  little,seemingly insignificant things that are so routine their beauty just whizzes right pass us?

I have decided to dedicate each of my Mondays to opening your eyes to some of those things.

here is a list of just 15 of them.

  1. photos
  2. paintings
  3. rubbing alcohol
  4. plays
  5. markers
  6. jobs
  7. education
  8. printers
  9. fax machines
  10. camera
  11. keyboard
  12. flowers
  13. gps
  14. hair brushes
  15. family

“I challenge you to make a list of 15 random things that you think are important to realise as wonders of life.”

what is your favorite of the things above?

I challenge you to make a list of 15 random things that you think are important to realize as wonders of life.

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the things we have

Thank You

Image by drp via Flickr

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there are so many things in our lives that we take for granted.

time and again,i notice things that make me realize just how glad i should be for what i have.

those “small,regular” things is our lives which we hardly even take a second glance at.

here are just 10 of them:

  1. you were born free,you grew up free,you are free
  2. you can always grow and improve.
  3. you have hair
  4. you can walk
  5. you can sleep peacefully
  6. you have a phone
  7. you can read and write
  8. you lived a whole day today
  9. you can always repent
  10. you can walk normally.

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which of these are your favorite?why?

which do you not like and why?

what are 10 things that you think people should be more grateful for?

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