Look up at the sky…

a universe of wonders are up high…

blue and white contrast…

to make a magnificent effect.

From here will come the rain for crops to grow,

brilliant white snow for us all,

and somewhere up there,

lies the kesai hakovod.

walk down a street…

a world of wonders will unfold,

mysterious untold,

English: Street in Bucharest after the rain

people live their lives here,

each with a different story,

each street has housed dozens of people’s history.

hundreds of people,

each with a life their own,

have walked down this same road.

Look up at a tree.

A full-sized tree.

green and brown,

it takes the rain in,

and will bring it out,

when comes the time for it to sprout.

it has seen perhaps over a hundred years of history.Tasmania, Styx valley. This Eucalyptus regnans...

the fashions come and go,

people stay and people leave,

leaving their generations in their steed.

it watches how the world changes,

how some things stay the same.

you ask what is to thank for,

and I have listed but three,

“common” things we see every day,

which have so much beauty,

if only we would stop and see.

my challenge to you:

stop and notice a regular object.

what do you see?



English: The word "Love" is drawn in...

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Today is valentine’s day.

I think today is the perfect time to talk about love.

What is love?

“a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person – dictionary.com

but this is,

I think,

a inept description.


So what is love?


Love is being with a person no matter what comes your or their way.

Love is providing smiles when you want to cry.

Love is being a shoulder to cry on.

Love is about receiving and getting.


Love defies description,

it defies words.

It is a word that one must learn the meaning for them themselves.


Happy valentines day,

and may you have a day of meaning and inspiration.


What do you have to say about love?

Your Effect

हिन्दी: Nature

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Long- lost thoughts drift in the mist of time…

dreams come and go…

Words are said and constantly forgotten…

People walk in and out of our lives all the time…

Deeds are done and forgotten…

Everything comes and go as if they never occurred.


Alas, is time but an illusion,

buried time for naught,

Dreams long forgotten worth nothing at all?

We spend so much time on things that turn out to be nothing at all,

petty and soon forgotten.


Are they all for nothing?


In a place far away,

and what goes on there no one can truly say,

the master scribe sits,

recording every deed,

every word.


each prayer is used to bring relief,

or sealed for the future.


Each tear used to heal the sick,

spark a dream,

another brick on the heavenly kingdom.


Each deed is forever imprinted,

on the world it will forever have an impact,

a brick added,

or subtracted,

each one does something in a not not so small way.


So make sure each word is truly what you mean to say,

each smile to brighten another’s day,

each deed carefully measured,

because it will make an impact on the world,

if not today,

then sometime far away,

and each thing,

will come back to you one day.


Today you can…


begin to grow in some direction…

do a good deed…

give a little something to someone else…

read something for your soul…

smile at someone…

stop and realize how marvelous the world is…

hold yourself back from doing or saying something you shouldn’t…

realize how positively awesome you are…

start to believe in yourself…

begin a diary…

say a prayer with more concentration then usual…

say a prayer for someone else…

think about eretz yisreal…

call a friend…

share a moment with a relative…

give in…

say hello to a random stranger…

do a little something for a friend…

buy a special fruit today is tu- Shevat,

look at a flower,

make a few brachos out loud,

do something for the sake of reb elyishav- all you probably know, he is in critical condition.  By the way, if you are a gentile, you can do this too- you have no idea how much he cares about every single human being.

make 100 brochos…


and the list goes on…


what do you mean you have nothing to do?

Today, you can start to change the world.

what are you waiting for?

today can be different

it’s up to you.

What should we be afraid of?

i apologize for not posting recently.

i may just have something cooking

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


This is a very famous quote, displayed on the pages of american history,

as a lifelong message to all.

a symbol of what we,

the american people can be.


But, is it really true?


Is the only thing we have to fear fear?


I think the real thing to fear is not

a world war,

the world’s end,

or even fear itself.


I think the only thing to fear is- ourselves.


Why would we have to fear ourselves?


Well, not really ourselves-

that we would not be true to ourselves,

that we would not act as ourselves.


That we would be what other people want us to be,

rather then becoming the person we are meant to be.


A radical statement?


But, do you disagree?

License plates

recently, I was on a bus when I suddenly started noticing –

English: New "gold" New York State v...

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the license plates!


have you ever looked carefully at a license plate?

if you have, you’ll realize that each plate has a unquie set of numbers and letters.

if you look further,

you’ll even find out some stuff about the person whose car it is.


you’ll find out where he lives,

is he’s traveling here or if he lives here.


there are even unique letters formed to create a message.


look closer.

If the plate is old,

then you know the person is probably older,

English: Sonora_mexico_license_plate

and has had this car for a while

they are probably also a more experienced driver.


let’s think a little deeper.

each license plate is different,

each one with a flavor and a message all its own –

who has the time and patience to do that?


don’t they ever just get tired of this boring, thankless job?

would anybody really care if they are all the same?


but, no,

day in,

day out,

more and more license plates appear.


like this,

robbers are tracked and found,

cases are solved,

people can recognize which car is theirs,

and we learn a powerful lesson.


what can we possibly learn from a license plate?


Take a look at the people around you.


Each person looks different,

each person has amazing stories to tell you,

each person has a story all their own –

secrets, dreams, friendships, etc.


Who has the patience to sit down and decide,

day in,

day out,

that this person should live here,

this person should look like this,

this person should get this?


who has the patience to concern themselves with trivial,

everyday matters of over 7 billion people?


I’ll tell you who.


G-d does.


He never takes a break,

He creates people anew every day,

each person with their own purpose.


He decides these things- and more

every single day.


Rosh chodosh is coming very soon,

make this month meaningful-

know, you have a reason.

Vehicle registration plates of Aruba

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change your life!

At all times and under all circumstances,
we have the power to transform the quality of our lives.
– Werner Erhard


who can change you?

a friend can help change you,

a mentor,

a speech,

can help guide the way,

g-d carves and shows you the path,

but you are the only person who can change yourself.


and every single day you have the chance to change yourself.


every day,

you can wake up with the words,

today will be different,

and if you really believe it,

it can be.

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