Do we remember?

how long has it been?

not that many years, if you think about it.

if you think about it, that is.

no, we have not forgotten.

articles run almost monthly about it.




and so we all remember.



we remember the war.

we remember the deaths.

we remember the great minds lost,

the great human losess.

so, yes we remember.

but do we really?

do we remember the everlasting message we learn from it?

and what is that message?

a great song and video on the message just below.

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please tell me your thoughts on this


Your’e watching me

this is a message we have to keep in mind especially during these days.


I saw you walk by,

just the other day.

It’s been years since we’ve last meat,

yet those times,

i will never forget.

the games we played,

the times we talked,

and those,

were we did nothing at all,

but sit and enjoy,

the beauty of our friendship.

It was just one fight that blew it all away,

what it was about,

I can not say.

The memories of the injustice  simply faded away,

but the good times,

in my heart,

they stay.

And now,

my dear childhood friend of old,

I have learned so much in this world,

fight are forgotten,

the bad times pass,

but the good times,

they remain,

forever in our hearts.

And now me and my friend sit,

laughing as we recall those years gone by,

the golden years of old.

The fights,

they move on past,

but true friendships,

through it all,

they last.

disconnect to re-connect

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This Wednesday,take upon yourself to turn off your devices and  have a real talk with someone love.

Just 15 minutes of your day,

can make a real difference in someone else’s- and your own lives.

please check out my post on AM inspiration:words

They Shoot, We Build-re-post

this is a re-post from teen inspiration,a awsome and inspring blog.

this is the orignial post.

We always think somehow that we can secure ourselves in life. Have an account in that bank, don’t go out that late, keep your city face on, don’t ride motorcycles, and you’re safe.  Like there’s a formula to follow, like there are natural laws to rely on. But when we see Teva as the curtain of G-d that is just as easily manipulated as miracles are by Him, we recognize that there are no certainties tobe taken for granted. The clouds can drop acid instead of water on me tomorrow, my car can get hit by a moving signpost, my pet fish can walk over to me, and my dog can meow. And there is no logical reason for the believing Jew not to walk out of their house expecting mountains to dance, or pens to type. The only way we can rely on the standard pattern of nature continuing is if we have faith in G-d. And honestly- the only way for me not to break down in freak out mode, terrified that even in my house the shadows on dark walls are terrorists, not teddy bears, is to lean against Him as my Mishenet- my cane/staff/stick. If the Fogel family could get killed on that night in that place, then anyone could get killed on any night, in any place.Nothing really distinguished them. And so the only way to feel safe in this world, and not as a paranoid phobic everytime you hear bad news, is to realy, really, in an internalized, integrated way, feel Emuna and live in Hashem’s embrace. In Shemona Esrai we say, “VSim Chelkenu Imahem, ViLo Neivosh Ki Bicha Batachnu… Hashem Mishan UMivtach LaTzadikim.” Rav Shwab says that when we put ourselves among tzadikim- Imahem, when we learn from them how not to Neivosh even when all seems to point to fear, then we become tzadikim, as the end of the tefila calls us, for whom Hashem is, and is perceived as, the Mishan, our trustfall and supporting system.

How NOT to start a conversation and more

I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)

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  • did you know that I picked my nose 5 times today?
  • there’s a bug on you!
  • I love barney
  • I hate the color yellow
  • I can list all the capitals in the world
  • I watch sesame street
  • my favorite song is I am a gummy bear
  • my son is a terrorist.
  • why did the chicken cross the road?<answer:to get to the other slide,not a mistake>

can you think of some others?

The real post

we are the makers of our own lives,

we decide our own destinies,

we are the ones who decide how the world sees us,

we are the ones,

who decide whether to reach our full potential.

in the world to come,

only we decide what our reward will be.


Zero from Zealous Creative on Vimeo.

while a little difficult to comprehend,this video brings a very real message home.

I first saw this video here.

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