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Long- lost thoughts drift in the mist of time…

dreams come and go…

Words are said and constantly forgotten…

People walk in and out of our lives all the time…

Deeds are done and forgotten…

Everything comes and go as if they never occurred.


Alas, is time but an illusion,

buried time for naught,

Dreams long forgotten worth nothing at all?

We spend so much time on things that turn out to be nothing at all,

petty and soon forgotten.


Are they all for nothing?


In a place far away,

and what goes on there no one can truly say,

the master scribe sits,

recording every deed,

every word.


each prayer is used to bring relief,

or sealed for the future.


Each tear used to heal the sick,

spark a dream,

another brick on the heavenly kingdom.


Each deed is forever imprinted,

on the world it will forever have an impact,

a brick added,

or subtracted,

each one does something in a not not so small way.


So make sure each word is truly what you mean to say,

each smile to brighten another’s day,

each deed carefully measured,

because it will make an impact on the world,

if not today,

then sometime far away,

and each thing,

will come back to you one day.


What should we be afraid of?

i apologize for not posting recently.

i may just have something cooking

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


This is a very famous quote, displayed on the pages of american history,

as a lifelong message to all.

a symbol of what we,

the american people can be.


But, is it really true?


Is the only thing we have to fear fear?


I think the real thing to fear is not

a world war,

the world’s end,

or even fear itself.


I think the only thing to fear is- ourselves.


Why would we have to fear ourselves?


Well, not really ourselves-

that we would not be true to ourselves,

that we would not act as ourselves.


That we would be what other people want us to be,

rather then becoming the person we are meant to be.


A radical statement?


But, do you disagree?

Your path

every single person was created with their own unique purpose.

each person has something all their own,

that no one else has.

each person has their own yellow brick road,

a path they must follow in order to reach their full potential.


How do you follow your yellow brick road?

  1. be yourself-there is only one you
  2. keep on moving
  3. know that pain will pass,and it will help you become strong
  4. know that life is not in your hands
  5. get good friends
  6. allow yourself to cry when you have too
  7. know that there is only one you


these are just 7 basic steps-what else can you think of?